Winching and Hoisting: Can Your Winch Double As a Hoist?

Marine Hoist

Winches and hoists were designed to make heavy lifting/pulling safer and easier. Although they look alike, winches and hoists were actually engineered to do slightly different things. A winch is used to pull a load horizontally over a slight incline, whereas a hoist is used to lift a load vertically over inclines greater than 45…

Main Frame Spring Replacement

Step 6

Whether you’re pulling, lifting, or lowering a load, the main frame spring is an essential part of your Lug-All hoist. If your main frame spring becomes worn out, it’s an easy fix! Just follow these simple steps to replace it. Step 1: Hold the spring upside down, so the long hoop is facing the spring…

Safety 101: The Dielectric Properties of Web Strap Hoists

Web Strap Hoists, Linemen

Lug-All Web Strap Hoists are designed for overhead maintenance and construction of energized power lines. The web strap is not an insulating live-line tool, which means if it becomes wet or dirty, the strap loses some of its dielectric properties. But, when it’s clean and dry, it does have dielectric properties typically associated with nylon…